3 Tips For Adopting A Child As A Single Person

Although single parent adoptions are becoming more common, some people can still face hurdles when it comes to adopting. Not only can a person face problems when it comes to the actual process, but they can also face challenges with family and friends supporting the decision. If you are considering adoption and are a single person, here are some tips for handling both the legal and personal aspects of adopting. 

Create a Support System

Once you have made the decision to adopt, you might find that some family and friends are reluctant to support your decision. Since eliminating these people from your life is often not possible or desirable, you need to focus on creating a support system that includes people who will be there for you throughout the process. 

If you cannot find those people among your friends and family, look for a support group in your area or online that offers emotional support to single adoptive parents. There are many other people who are going through what you are who can share experiences with you. 

Know What Makes You a Good Choice

Most agencies rely on the birth parents to choose the adoptive families for their children. Unfortunately, some birth parents feel that only a two-parent family can provide the upbringing their children need. It is up to you to sell yourself to birth parents. 

You can start by listing all the reasons you would make a good parent. Although it is okay to acknowledge that you would be a single parent, do not dwell on it. In fact, you can emphasize the strong support system you have in place. You want the birth parents to feel as if the child will still get the love he or she needs. 

Find an Agency That Has a Good Record With Single Adopters

Some agencies prefer two-parent families and are less likely to approve applications from single parents seeking to adopt a child. Do not get discouraged. There are many adoption agencies that have good track records with single adopters. When assessing agencies, ask about the percentage of applicants that are single, as well as the success rates for single adopters. You also need to find out what the agency does to help birth parents realize that single adopters are just as stable and loving as two-parent adoptive families. 

Working with a licensed adoption agency like A Child's Dream will help make the process of adopting easier. A counselor can help you identify additional steps you can take to help improve your chances of successfully adopting a child as a single adopter.

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