3 Common Types Of Caskets For Burial

Choosing the right type of casket for your own or a loved one's funeral can be a difficult process. You may not even know where to begin. Luckily, you have this guide at your hand. Read on and discover just a few types of the most common types of casket. If any of these types of caskets interest you, it's recommended that you discuss the matter in more depth with a representative from a local and trusted funeral home.

Wood Caskets

Hardwood caskets are the most traditional – and perhaps most common – variety of casket that you will find on the market. Among the types of wood you will find that fall into this category include cherry, oak, and even more common varieties, like poplar or cottonwood. These hardwood caskets are generally recommended for those who want to convey an elegant, yet traditional mood during their funeral. Hardwood caskets are perhaps most often employed by Christian and secular clients.

Metal Caskets

Metal caskets have gained more popularity and traction throughout the course of the 20th century. Among the many types of metals that are used in the construction of caskets include copper, bronze, and stainless steel. Most high quality, mass produced metal caskets are often electronically welded, giving them a more precise and consistent build. After the casket is completed, it is sanded down and then given a sheen with a lacquer paint, so that the casket in question can come in a variety of different colors. Metal caskets are considerably more modern looking than hardwood caskets and are generally recommended for those wishing to convey a sense of authority and modernism with their funeral.

Orthodox Caskets

If you are Jewish, you most likely require a kosher casket. There are certain requirements that a kosher casket must meet, and it should serve as a reminder that, even in death, all are equal. A kosher casket is often recommended for those non-practicing members of the Jewish community or gentiles who agree with the sentiment. When glue is used in the construct of a kosher casket, it must be based in vegetable oils and extract rather than animals. The casket itself cannot be manufactured on the day of the Sabbath. The beds of the kosher casket are not adjustable due to the fact that the casket needs to be entirely biodegradable and made entirely of wood. Even the interior bedding is a wool that is constructed from wood.

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