Two Unique Gift Ideas To Give Your Extended Family During The Holidays

When the holidays roll around, you may be stumped concerning what gifts to give various family members.  If they don't live in your house, you may not be close enough to them to know what they like or are interested in, which can make it difficult to select the right present.  However, there are a few unique gifts that you can get for your family that are sure to be appreciated and greeted with enthusiasm.  Use this information to learn two unique gift ideas that you can get for extended family members during the holidays.

Gift Them With A Name Report

A name report can be a great gift.  It gives a person the chance to learn about the origins of their name, as well as going into detail concerning what the name means.

Many people are interested in learning what their name means.  They may do a quick Internet search, or scour through lists of name meanings when they're at the library.  Name reports uncover little-known facts about a name, such as what word it is derived from, as well as the strengths and areas of growth potential associated with the name.

You can make the name reports even more special with the way that you package them.  Consider having them printed out on colored paper that includes a fancy border.  You may even want to have the name reports spiral bound and include ribbons within the binding that makes the report more festive.

There are a number of websites where you can purchase name reports.  All you'll have to do is enter each person's name into the blank field to get your order started.

Gift Family Members With Monogrammed Pillows

Another gift idea that you can consider involves throw pillows.  You can instantly elevate regular throw pillows by having them monogrammed with the initials of each person in a family.

For example, if there are four members in a particular family, you can put the initial of each person in a large letter on four separate pillows.  If you happen to know what colors they like, choose those shades for the pillows.  This is a customized choice that is thoughtful as well as useful.

Getting unique presents for your family doesn't have to be difficult if you know what to do.  When the holidays come around, keep these tips in mind so you can give the gifts that delight your family.

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