It's Your Big Day! 4 Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Stress

If you're planning your wedding, you know that there are a lot of big details that go into creating the perfect day. Unfortunately, taking care of those big details can make you forgot some of the smaller details that are just as important. In fact, to a certain extent, some of those smaller details can affect your stress level on the big day. To help your wedding day go off without a hitch, here's a list of four small details that you absolutely shouldn't forget.

Your Final Wedding Dress Fitting

You might think that this would go without saying, but putting your final fitting off until the last minute can spell disaster, especially if there ends up being a problem. If you wait until the last minute, and your dress doesn't fit properly (which normally happens if you lose or gain weight due to wedding planning stress) there might not be enough time for additional alterations. To prevent last-minute problems, make sure you schedule your final fitting with your bridal shop about one week before your wedding.

Your Wedding Shoes

You picked out the perfect pair of shoes. Now that you have them, make sure they're going to be comfortable on your big day. Pick your shoes up about a month before the wedding, and then wear them around the house for a few minutes every day. This will ensure that your shoes are broken in before you try to wear them on your wedding day. The last thing you want is to find out that your wedding shoes are uncomfortable.

Pre-Wedding Food

When the big day finally arrives, your wedding party is going to be with you all day. You and your party will probably get hungry sooner than you think! Don't take the chance that hunger pangs create stress and tension on your big day. Instead, book a caterer to provide a light meal or snacks for everyone in your wedding party. That way, they'll have the energy to make it through the day with you.

Cash for Wedding Day Tips

You've probably paid for all of your wedding vendors in advance. However, there's still going to be the issue of wedding day setup tips. Your vendors are going to be expecting a tip when they arrive to set-up for your wedding. Make sure you have spare cash on hand to take care of that.

Now that you're planning your wedding, make sure you remember the small details. The list provided here will help prevent stress on your big day.

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